Jesse vasquez

I draw from my knowledge, experience, and passion for the emerging business opportunity in the Mid-Term Rental market when mentoring hundreds of real estate investors, homeowners, and Short-Term Rental enthusiasts. After 18 years in corporate sales training and leading million-dollar healthcare teams while moonlighting as a Mid-Term and Short-Term Rental Operator since 2015, I left my high-earning 6-figure W2 Healthcare Sales Management career last year to go all-in with AirVenture Hosting Co. and AirVenture Academy.

Being based in Central Valley, California, I found my niche in operating unique STR/Mid-Term Rental homes specifically for traveling healthcare professionals. With solid foundations, ongoing process improvements, and a team now rallying behind me, what started from two homes in 2020, I now have a growing owned and co-hosted portfolio of over twenty property listings all over California and Texas. With thoughtful intentions and actions, anyone can replicate this. My Accelerated MTR Blueprint Masterclass and Mentorship Program deep-dives into the ins and outs of the No-Vacancy, Fully-Booked Business-to-Business MTR Model. I am a part of a growing community of action-doers making massive moves in the MTR space.

I advocate diversification and recession-proofing your rental portfolio. It is true. Your property can be booked solid with the B2B Mid-Term Rental Model.