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The Accelerated MTR Blueprint Masterclass & Mentorship Program grants you one-year access to: 

  • 20+ hours of step-by-step videos walking you through everything you need to know ($10K value)
  • LIVE mentorship calls per week with industry experts ($20K value)
  • Access to 50+ recorded calls of previous coaching calls ($7K value)
  • FIRST access to new curriculums on topics like rental arbitrage, how to target insurance claims ($5K value)
  • Access to my personal resources like pitch decks, message templates, and rental contracts ($997 value)
  • Lifetime access to the MTR Facebook group and a growth minded community (Priceless)
Total Value $42,997  
Join The Masterclass and Mentorship Program for $6,500

The value from these classes went well beyond the prepared content. What I valued the most was the time that Jesse took with us to spend almost 3 hours each week to not only go through the material and explain all critical aspects of this business model, but also to patiently address all of the questions from the class. Going into this, I had done some due diligence in travel nursing Facebook groups, so was skeptical about how we would be able to earn the rates that Jesse has been talking about. But, now in understanding this to be more of a B2B vs. a B2C model, it makes so much more sense.  I’m also excited to apply these concepts beyond the travel nurse agencies and expand into insurance agencies, management consulting firms, etc.   I didn’t dare miss one of these sessions; they were jammed packed with valuable insights, perspectives, and practical calls to action.



I liked most that Jesse was articulate, concise, and very knowledgeable about the subject/content and has a huge passion for instructing others on proper methods and techniques. During class, he always spend more than the scheduled allotted time to make sure all students fully understood all course material. Further, he makes himself available if we have any questions during and in between classes. I really appreciated the one on one conversations regarding my specific situation.


Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and answering ANY question with open arms and welcoming stance! I have personally learned so much from you and our group in such a short period of time…


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